The growing pains.

You know usually when I sit down to write one of these I have 18 tabs open in FireFox will all my supporting information, articles, and data.

Not this time. This time I am speaking to you off the cuff, and from the soul.

The Times, The Chamber of Commerce, and several other groups have endorsed Harris, Lea, Price, and Rosen.

The question is, why would they want the ticket that could keep Roanoke stagnant for another 2-4 years?

Harris is done, and has been for a while now. He reached the end of his usefulness with a trip to Mexico bought and paid for by a developer who then came with his hand out asking for city monies. Harris has his own troubled personal life which he needs time off to perhaps "prayerfully" go and think about what HE values. He is a man with a overinflated ego, who is supposed to be a man of God. Think about him in those terms, and you'll see where the trouble lies. Plus, it's hard enough to trust any politician - now your talking one who is also a minister? Oy Gevelt!

Lea is not a bad man, but has fallen in with a bad crowd. The ForTheHarris crew elected last time around has sunk a large hook into Lea - and they are buddy-buddy now. Lea never strikes me as a visionary, or someone who is capable of great thought. Not that he is not a smart man, but he is not a forward-looking one. So far, everyone keeps touting his founding of a sporting event. Ok.. so? Anyone for a game of Sandlot baseball? $5 bucks a head and we can donate the money to the hospital's children's services. Ok - so how hard was that? By the way - Sherman, watch what you say to the media - that's really what got your buddy Dowe evicted. When he accidentally came out with the City's negotiating to land a 2nd hotel Downtown, thats when the fuse was lit.

Anita Price, who are you and what do you want from us? She's a counselor for the City Schools - so combine her with Trinkle, and you have psychological help nearly from cradle to grave available on the City Council. Other than that? Can't really find anything - although I have to say, I will have a hard time supporting a candidate who allows her yard signs to be placed in medians and on public property. That's tacky.

And finally, Court Rosen. A fellow who I have personally met, and spoke with, and felt the need to wash my hands after speaking with. A person who stands to gain huge from a source no one thought of yet. Mr. Rosen was weaned in the halls of Congress as a lobbyist. And not just any lobbyist - but one for the Pharmaceuticals industry - a Billion Dollar Lobbyist. It was there he learned to speak in his vagaries, and offer no compelling visions - just wispy ideas that come and go like wind. He speaks to everyone, but for no one. Offering no real positions to pin him down on, claiming everything needs more study. He is a young professional who made his money in DC, decided to get out of that game and become a Land Spec Developer down here, and now sees the dollar signs popping up from the Carilion med school. A Pharma Rep in Roanoke + a med school in Roanoke = $$$$$$$$

This run for City Council, and all the various other meetings he shows up to, are purely for the display of his face. Making sure people know what he looks like seems to be very important to him, although personally I would rather know what he is thinking. Or if. I have heard rumor that Mr. Rosen might be a touch on the ditzy side. You know who else is a Pharma rep? The wife of Valley Forward's leader, Mrs. Lugar. You know who else is a Land Spec Developer? One of the board member's of Valley Forward, Mr. Fralin. Maybe being these things are what makes one a "young professional." Don't know, I'm not one apparently.

Anyway - these are the options the Times and Chamber of Commerce have seen fit to thrust upon us all.

I ask one thing of you folks. You all know I am the earliest announced candidate for the 2010 election. Please, think about what you are giving me to work with. For the good of the City, and all it's citizens - think hard about who will be in power 2 years from now.

I'll have one more post, covering the rest of the candidates before election day, but start thinking now where you want this city to be in 2, 5, 10, or even 20 years - and who is actually going to get it there.


Soon to be...

I know I've been unnervingly quiet for the past week, or several weeks depending on how you look at it.

Just one more week and I'll be returning to normal, I promise.

The past few weeks have seen soaring highs, quiet lows, and the day to day discovery that is a child.

But don't think I've been resting, or had my gaze averted.

No, I have been keeping a keen eye on the "For the Harris" crew... the Also-Ran Bowers, Rabid Wishneff, and the ForOURCity crew. Along with the usual suspects (VF, AMWV-Taubman, et. al.), I've not yet turned a blind eye to any of the thwarters of progress and rational development in the city.

No, I've just taken a sanity break - for a short time anyway.

You have 7 days before I'm fully back.

And there will be a major post in the final hours before the election.

See you on the other side.