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roanoke.com - Columnists - Blogging in Southwest Virginia: "Tami and Craig Warman
We're Tami and Craig Warman, a couple of BodyPump instructors from Blacksburg, Virginia. BodyPump is a group fitness program offered at several clubs around Roanoke and the New River Valley, and in thousands of clubs around the world. We use our blog to kick around BodyPump releases and music, various fitness topics, and anything else we decide to pontificate about!"

So.. now the Times considers AdverBlogging interesting enough to be included in their blogroll?

brilliant. just bloody brilliant.


roanoke.com - Columnists - Blogging in Southwest Virginia

Ok - not for nothing, but Ive been through a pretty good sampling of these blogs - and I gotta say.. could they get anymore harmless?

Allright now.. who did this?

Oh.. I guess I kinda did...

it looks like I will be able to gain access to the Valley Metro Archives for use on Forgotten-Roanoke.com. Thats big. Also - apparently Bev Fitzpatrick has seen the site, and says "hello." Crap, thats big too.

Considering I have spent a good chunk of my life on Public Transport - I guess it kind of makes sense that eventually I would become involved with the local public transport people (groups, associations.. whatever). I used to ride a bus up in NY, I used to call it the "Black Rocket" - it was a 1950's GM "Fishbowl" which had all windows but the front doors tinted black - and the paint was basically gone - so it looked like pure steel. It rode like hell - the rear seat was raised about 5 inches over the rest of them, and had a back window directly behind it. I swear, there were times you didnt know if you were going to hit the roof on a pothole.

I loved that thing, and it was the only one in the MTA Long Island Bus fleet like it. I have no idea why the windows were all tinted, but no other bus had that.

Anyway - just something I remembered.



Updates up, go look. Dont be too impressed, I got kinda lazy about it - design wise. This was more of an excercise to get adjusted to my new design software.

have fun

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I need a break

Im taking time off from Campbell Ave. while I do more research and work on it. Which means more photos. Lots more photos.

So for now Im going to do a random update today, at some point.

Campbell almost has TOO much history. Its like playing chess, trying to figure out which peices should go where without overloading the board is the hardest part.

So Im going to go with something simple. What? Im not telling yet.