Oh. I thought we took care of that problem.


Now it seems that Patrick Henry is over-run with them.

First, on Saturday - the rats from City Hall descend upon PH. I'm sorry, I should say "quite obviously the best thing to ever hit this town, considering the Republicans can't even get a ticket together life is so full of sunshine and roses."

The Democratic primary. Where as few as 4 people could decide the fate of nearly 100k. And that's not including the MSA. That's right - if we get screwed, you do too.

Emperor Harris and Queen Burcham will be spending the night in PH, so they can be there to kiss the feet of the true overlord on Sunday.

Queen Hillary arrives to give lip-service and tear up, pander and promise on Sunday. Part of her "Confusion for America" tour.

Can you stomach it Roanoke? A city council that really doesn't give a rat's ass if you vote or not? A former first-lady who fits in perfect with our own City Manager?

Makes me want to call in sick from Reality this weekend, and live in the dream world of the new City Democrats. Fortunately, I have to work.

And yes, I am seriously going to throw up if I hear the words "Young Professional" and "amphitheater" in the next 24 hours.

Someone tell me - what do you really expect of your Council? Other than the obvious fixing of roads and the basic infrastructure stuff. The good stuff - what is it? What would get you involved in an election?

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