Dear Bill,

Please, stop it.

We know, we know. You folks are good and valiant and noble, and celebrate the diversity and whatnot.

8 people, black/white/men/women/young/old - all of them previous democrats, and tied into the system in one way or another. Not a single outsider in the race. Not a single "new" face - not to anyone who pays attention.

Perhaps we should call them the "Friends of H."

In short, because you got passed over for this round of elections - do not be such a good little soldier and tow the party standards. They are old, tired, and no one believes them anyway.

Just like that "oath," simple grounds for removal. Say something against the Democrats while a Dem.. shame shame shame. You took an oath.

An oath means nothing coming from duplicitous, sneaky, Machiavellian politicians of any sort - but worse on the heels of the disgrace of the Reorganization meeting.

Please - stop assuming the people are stupid. We know what you are about, and we don't like it. You are taking advantage of the complete disorganization of the rest of the city to enact your own little schemes, we know that too. We know a whole lot about how you do things.

Please, go away. That is all.

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Al said...

If I were in charge I would make an effort to mobilize "thousands" of GOOD people...mostly R's and I's to vote for the bottom of the eight. Small success but it might deprive one of two of those with the God given right to a seat on Council. Go do it Roanoke!