Is there another Regency Room in Roanoke?

Remember in the last post I told you how I would pass along some of the reports ONLY if they served the public interest, if there was something that I felt the public needed to know?

Well apparently, that sparked someone's interest. I received an e-mail which I understand has bounced and bounced around this fair city. In certain channels anyway.
It just reveals a darker side of City Ha.. Municipal Building politics, and that maybe those of you who voted for change, voted for the MTD ticket, might have been played for suckers.

I will not reprint the entire text here, just a few lines.

From the e-mail: "Mayor Nelson Harris informed Democratic City Chair C W**d that the group he leads who backed the successful "Independent Democrat" ticket in the recent City Council election is going to "take control of this Party." "We won, and we're going to run things," was his explicit message, angrily delivered. "

State Party Chair Cranwell put the brakes on the "movement," making clear that the duly elected City Committee and local Party officers could not and would not be removed simply because some people, including many who didn't even attend the reorganizational meeting last December where there votes would have produced a different outcome, were unhappy with the results of the election. He told them basically that, if you want to have control, you have to participate."

Chair C W**d asserted that the Wednesday meeting had been a "set up" for her, since she was the only person associated with the losing slate of Democratic Council nominees who was invited to the meeting, whereupon in the presence of several people L replied that no, the meeting was instead a set-up for Nelson Harris, who had made a fool of himself. Everyone knew that was very disingenuous, since L is the one who for weeks has been contacting leaders of the Independent movement one-by-one seeking to find out what it would take to get those folks active in regular Democratic Party affairs, and the answer he uniformly got was, "First, you'll have to get rid of your Chair, C W**d.""

Behind the scenes, and reported straight. Unlike some of the other individuals who have also received this e-mail.

Perhaps we should prepare a coronation ceremony for Mayor cum Emperor Harris, or perhaps we should just ignore it as more politics. Make up your own mind.


Virginian said...

The post is a little too cryptic-- e.g. I can't figure out who "L" is. Otherwise, this looks like routine party politics to me-- the City dems are staggering; having lost the Sheriff to the GOP and the Counsel to the independents/ Harris "democrats." As I recall, Onzlee Ware, the biggest local democrat there is, and CW were bickering publicly prior to the election, and Onzlee's legislative asst was working for the independents. My view is that City politics ought to be free of party affiliation. Very little of the party "platforms" has anything to do with local government. I dont think the Harris/independent people ought to waster their time trying to take over the City party,but if they want to give it a try there doesn't seem to be a whole lot to take over.

RoanokeFound said...

Well, aside from those ever in the public eye - I opted to omit the names. Various reasons, but mostly to keep the focus of the piece on the fact that the City Council is being run by a... well, if you can really call it "run", by a group of individuals fractured in the head.

The whole notion of this being any kind of a representative city government is laughable, right down to the socks on Darlene's feet.

But thats why things change.