1 Post away from another milestone

Can you imagine, it's been over a year now (first post on this version of the blog was 3/16/05) and Im on the verge of writing my 800th post?

But all that aside, I was unable to get to the city council meeting at 2pm today to stand up and speak up for the Mill Mountain Zoo. If anyone reading was there, please let me know how it went. I'm sure there will be more opportunities for public discourse in the future. However, that does not take the impetus off the public, to band together and support the Zoo.

In other news, Chef K informes me there are some interesting rumblings downtown - what with all the closings of late. He will have more on that later in the week, when his (and my week) in hell quiets down a bit.

We are in the process of lining up a sponser for the Fall/Winter season of Podcasts, and gearing up for the top secret project slated for a December release.

Interesting news today about the regional study on an ampitheatre. So the area is capable of handling one with a capacity of 7,000. I think we are better than that. Sure, maybe 7,000 right now - but consider how many people the Greek festival attracted. How many does Floyd Fest attract yearly?

I think the area can easily handle a 20,000 capacity ampitheatre, provided Roanoke has the sense to use the ampitheatre in a responsible and viable way.

Thats right, the city would have the onus upon them to actually step up and find uses for the ampitheatre. Graduations, ceremonies, live stage productions (a la "in the round" style theatre), movies... multiple use facilities.

Any ideas? Comments? Hit me back with something..

Awaiting word of the Zoo's fate...


Anonymous said...

My family went to the Mill Mountain Zoo this past weekend for a birthday party. We've been to the zoo several times, but the party gave us an opportunity to meet Dr. Green, the new director. We were so impressed with his enthusiasm and vision that we went ahead and shelled out some money to "adopt" Oops. We would have loved to donate more money, but we are just a young family after all...the type that visits the zoo on a regular basis, but can't actually afford to be benefactors.

According to Dr. Green, other zoos receive 50% or more of their funds from the city. Mill Mountain receives more than 80% from fund raising!!

Ms. Elenaeous said...

20,000 seats? Personally I don't think Roanoke would ever fill such a venue. In the article today they mentioned Dwight Yoakam as one of the acts that fill medium sized stadiums. They didn't mention that the last time he was scheduled to perform at the Salem Civic Center he cancelled because he couldn't fill the 6,000? seats. To think I lost my second row seats, sniff, sniff.

Anonymous said...

The city can't draw an act to fill a 6,000 seat run down venue, and you want to put a 20,000 seat venue in here? The city's apathy and cultural backwardness precludes any good acts from even stopping here now.

RoanokeFound said...

Not that it could be exactly that kind of thought that keeps this city the way it is. No, not at all.

Your attitude Anon2, is the very illustration of apathy and backwardness.

Ms., Do you perhaps think New York became the city it is overnight? New York would not be half the city it is without the participation of the inhabitants.

Keep pushing the negativity, and Im sure the region will flourish.

Ms. Elenaeous said...

Negativity? Facts is facts. The stadiums we already have do not sell out and acts do cancel. I wish there wasn't so much apathy then maybe all the classes my family signs up for wouldn't get cancelled due to lack of participation.