On the 800th post, a reflection.

No matter how interesting or important I find what I and my fellow Roanoke-based bloggers may write, no matter how thought-provoking and earth shaking I think my writings are - there's always better out there.

This is the time that I can give a few rounds of applause for those who inspired me in my hobby/obsession.

Lilek's The Bleat. M-F observations on.. well, just about anything that flares up in the life of a sort-of middle-aged writer.

IMAO. Frank J originally was alone in this, but since has added some of the finest voices in comedo-political-sociopathic blogging.

Kevin Walsh's Forgotten-NY.com - the inspiration for the seemingly hiatused Forgotten-Roanoke.com.. which is not truly on hiatus, Im just unhappy with the site design and interactivity.

Rhett over at RoanokeFire.com - my co-conspirator on organizing the scene for blogging (and social revolution, regardless of what he says) here in the 'Noke.

But the real reason I post this list is to highlight one blogger in particular. One which came quite unexpectedly to my attention.

There are quite alot of avenues that blogging can take, from the personal to the professional - the political to the paid advertisements. Blogging is mostly about sharing, information and revelations, but sometimes - there's one that blows you away with it's depth.

This is it. It has not been around very long, and is limited in scope, but remains one of the best written blogs I have ever read. Few people can write about any topic with such depth and emotion, and I am humbled.

So this is the 800th post, with an *. The * is for the fact it is not a true Roanoke post, that will come later.

Thanks to all my readers, with any luck the site will be back to full strength in a matter of weeks, the blog will carry on it's mission, and the Star City will shine once again.


John said...

Congrats. Keep the posts coming.

FireFleitz said...

Thanks for the props.