The OTHER Roanoke Rumor Mill

There's been some interesting rumblings coming across the desk here at the HQ. My little ears have been overhearing some interesting things lately.

Some information concerning current members of the city council and their "questionable ethics" far more concerning than the public currently knows about.

Information concerning the biggest newspaper in SW Virginia's unspoken policy, and why there is such a lack of local news in the paper itself.

Some information concerning the head of a certain bank here, and why he doesn't even bank on his bank.

Oh yes, the information keeps flowing in. And only those items of absolute public interest and need will be unleashed. Most of the information just makes the persons involved look slightly worse than they are. Or in certain cases, slightly more insane.

Suffice it to say this much: This town is not what you think it is, it is not corrupt - on a city level. That being said, many of our "leaders" are either corruptable or corrupted, some by their own hand. This is to be expected, it's politics - after all.

But there are some acts which border on illegal, and due to lack of viable evidence - well, some people are just lucky like that.

Putting it mildly, there is a whole lot of bad karma downtown - and thanks to some "blind eyes", true career suicide has been averted.

For now.

As I said though, unless it's some bit of information so vital - I will not be releasing anything, but realize - I hear almost everything.

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