Goood Morning Roanoke!

Another interesting day unfolds here in ol' Noketown. We start with rain and fog, and smoke and mirrors.

Once again - more articles on the Democratic Candidates for City Council and Mayor, but only the Dems. I shall assume there is not one Repub or Indie anywhere within the City of Roanoke remotely interested.

Money - sure it comes down to money. It always does. But write-in candidates usually don't spend much on advertising, if anything at all. Might be an option, if you think about it.

Of course, I'd personally like to see hundreds of write ins, each getting a hundred votes - negating the best efforts of the paid politicians to continue their reign of power.

Anyway - just thought I would toss that out there.

Sitting in the Meebo box for a bit. Stop by and say hi if you like.


Jen said...

Would be interesting to see how the candidates stand on several issues... For ex:

Downtown Amphitheather
Wm Fleming's Stadium
The Market Building
The School System

... hmmm, what else?

Smoke said...

I wonder?????
Roanoke "progressives" are always complaining about politicians taking years to come to a decision but maybe it is the Roanoke voters who keep bring up the same old questions for the politicians to discuss that really gives eternal life to some of our problems. The only one on the list worthy of comment is the school system but the school board does not want education to become a topic of discussion. Wonder why? OK, the market's future is somewhat new but not really. What I want to hear about is getting those young professionals to move in and stay downtown. (BAAARRRRRRRFFF) I'm sorry! And maybe a plan to address the old "economic development" issue.