Roanoke Marketplace: A users guide.

Allright, Im going to assume by now you have all seen the Roanoke Marketplace article in the Times today. If not, heres the link: Printer Friendly Version

Allright, in a nutshell Roanoke Marketplace is the digital corkboard for Roanoke, to which anyone can stick anything. I started it when I found ning.com, a site which had certain wep applications that users could clone for their own use. Hosted by Ning, the Roanoke Marketplace is simply a clone of the Marketplace formatted page they had available when I first went to the page. Allright, good? Lets get started.

Head on over to the Marketplace: Roanoke Marketplace and look to the right of the screen. Theres a sign up/sign in option - you need to sign up. Once you do you have access to the entire Marketplace, if you sign up for Beta Developer status, you can create your own marketplace, or clone any of the other pages you find at Ning.

Now you can begin posting to the Marketplace. Add events, talk on the forums, post reviews and news. Its all up to you - content is whatever you want it to be. Im adding things as we go along, but I don't know everything - so add whatever you want. There are 2 different job boards there too. One is gigs, short term assignments to fulfill a need, and the other is more traditional jobs. As time goes on, and people begin to populate the page, you might be able to post that you can do a job and let someone contact you with an offer. It all depends upon the public taking part in it.

A word about content: I want to keep this clean, so save the naughty stuff for some other board. Be honest, even though there is no legal recourse, I would like people to be straightforward in their postings. No harassment, I have full editorial power here, and will delete anything that seems untoward.

Otherwise, its all up to you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Anything you would like added (except personals, you want to meet someone, go outside!) But use it.. its a resource, and its free. So stop hemming and hawing, just go.

Aside from the forums, the section I really want to see used the most is the Community section.

Roanoke, for the common good, I give you the Marketplace.

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#1 said...

I'm on it. I already posted some events , this after saying I would for a while. Imagine that, me procrastinating. Since your famous and all now I figured I better jump on the bandwagon while I can. LOL. I will try to get some reviews up later today. Don't think I forgot you called me a stick in the mud either.