Allright folks, summer is officially dead and gone. When evening lows start hitting 35, and the words "wind chill" comes creeping back in the door - you know its over.

And of course, it also means the return of the "Ick."

The Ick was roaming around last year - making people ill, but not ill enough for weeks on end. Perhaps you had it? Perhaps you just knew people who did. Allready I am seeing signs of the Icks resurgence.

Possibly even in myself.

I was lucky - and generally am when it comes to viral illnesses, they rarely affect me. I had no Ick. I generally tend to be sick for 28 hours, not including 10 hours of sleep - then perfect again, back to my old perky self.

I'm not feeling so perky.... So keep me in your thoughts, pray I don't have the Ick - that it's just a regular bug. I can lose a day of work, but I cannot tolerate weeks of ill humor.

Besides - if Im off for a day (imagine that!) I just might be able to get something done around here.

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