Let's get political! *yawn*

Perhaps some of you missed this. It was linked in this article on roanoke.com this past Sunday.

Very interesting information contained in the report, although a touch hard to navigate. But once you get the hang of it.. it becomes a keystone to understanding this past election.

Of the 3 alleged Indie canidates, you remember them.. DMT - the D raised the least cash of them.

It is interesting to see who raised what, and who dontated what. I did not realize a garage cum restaurant could donate money, but somehow Fork in the Alley managed just that. A physical structure.. amazing.

One guy put his money on nearly every horse in the race, every horse he thought could win anyway. But nothing for Mr. Bowers. Think Mr. Dalhouse holds a grudge against Bowers for some odd reason?

Of course, he was not the only one to give conspicously to multiple canidates, but he is probably the biggest name to do so.

Makes one wonder if a truly independant canidate can succeed against the mega-money of PACs and 'finger in your pocket' friends like Dalhouse. Who has absolutely no interest what-so-ever in politics, he's just being friendly.

Anyway, it seems as though theres alot of money that has its fingers around the neck of the city council. Each $1,000 donation, or $21,666 donation means someone *thinks* they have influence... and of course, the average man means nothing. But remember, they are acting in our interests (allegedly, although if Fork in the Alley was acting my best interests, there would be an endless stream of pizzas heading towards my door at all times.)

Just something to think about, the interests of the City Council are steered by the most vocal supporters, and $21,666 is quite vocal.

But maybe next time...

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