Sometimes it's good to be wrong

Well, thankfully we dodged that bullet. Alvin Nash will be the Dowe-placement for the next 2 years.

How many citizens really cared? Not many as far as I could tell.

I hope Mr. Nash can do a better job than the current pit of Vipers. From what I understand, he's a pretty decent and reliable guy, but once the vipers fang you..

Good luck Mr. Nash. Here's hoping all goes well for you.


Al said...

Nash is hardly the best person to fill Dowe's seat but of the four I suppose he is slightly better than two and far better than Cutler. Nash moved aside on the school board because he said the hard work needed to get things moving had essentially been done (or something similar). His school board dayz were marked by the tenure of the longest running school administrator's "failure" record in the history of the system with Wayne Harris. AND with the hiring of the biggest boob in the history of the system in Marvin Thompson. As we see in the Roanoke Time this day, the graduation rate in the City is just about as bad as it is any place in the state and when we see future years number based upon the change in how it is figured it will even look worse BUT that's part of the reality of Nash's "accomplishments" as a board member (shared with a bunch of others as well). Carson is correct in saying that there needs to be a change in "culture". What this school board does not understand is that they have essentially NO influence on "culture" as it is in the home and outside the school yet that's where he feels the solutions are. Until that happens, Mr. Carson and the board need to address the culture of the Board. Until they do, the Nash legacy of school system failure will only continue.
Good luck Mr. Nash? No, I say good luck Roanoke.

Al said...

So we learn of the very specific conflict of interest with Nash. Makes you wonder about council making the appointment knowing of the conflict but then such conflicts really never mattered to this council so it's no surprise. Should the exception not be granted, maybe Cutler is back in the picture.