The beat goes on....

3 dates now. 3 possible dates for the election.

Heres the question now, as I see it. Now that we know Dowe's *recent* dirty deeds, Harris' lack of enthusiasm for keeping his Councilmates in line, the entire council's (Wishneff not included) want for more downtown living space (to the tune of $880,000 non-imaginary dollars) and apparent limited vision for a certain amphitheater location (soon to be the next Berglund Nation location).

So - 17 comments, whats left to say? We don't trust Harris, we don't like the state of the city, oddly enough - no one has said anything about Darlene, and what are we doing about it? Who else can we vote for?

Will the slate of independents actually step forward this Friday as they say they will?

Will it be more of the same, or a past crop of losers?

Discuss.. here, and in the Meebo Chatbox .

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Al said...

Darlene goes with Harris like beer with pizza. Point being that with Harris, you get Darlene and until Harris is gone Roanoke will have that cute little red head running things. Like her? NO! Like to see her go? YES! Wonder if any reponsibility for the spending and credit card abuses that MIGHT be discovered could land in her lap? Someones gotta be responsible and if there there is enough abuse for enough dollars maybe she will be collected up with the rest of the garbage and hauled out of town.