I wanted to share this with you all..

Yes, its a 9/11 memorial coin. It's up for sale on Ebay - 36 bucks right now. But its a bit more than that.

This coin can save a life.

From the listing:

is a very unique coin struck only for fundraising purposes. Only 800
coins were struck to help a police officer In Roanoke,
VA., raise money for medical expenses not covered by his
insurance.  His son has a disease called Duchenne Muscular

coin's face displays the Statue of Liberty, The World Trade Center and
the Pentagon. Just below the casting is "9-11-01" It is Gold in color.
The perimeter has a black field That reads, "FIVE YEARS" on
top, with two white stars on either side and the bottom which reads,

coin's back is just as beautiful with the City of Roanoke's Police, and
Sherrif's Departments shields and the Maltese Fire/EMS Cross in the
center. The top also has a blue field that reads in gold lettering,
"ROANOKE VALLEY", then has two unfurled U.S. Flags. One on each side.
On the bottom, there is a gold field with black letters that reads,
"FIRST RESPONDERS". Great attention was paid to the minutest of

percent of all money collected will go to Aiden Galleo's medications!
They are experimental and are NOT covered by insurance! You
may email the seller to get verification!

And I personally have verification of this, so it's not a scam by any means.

Normally I only shill for my sponsers (Miller High Life, Studabaker, H&H Grocery...) but this time I ask you all to take a look, send it to friends..

Let's try and get the price pumped up higher than the $36 it sits at. Remember, and rescue.

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Man said...

Interesting piece. Good luck with the auction.