Spotted today

A sign, very recognizeable. At Black Dog Salvage.

Yes, the same Black Dog that bought the items inside the Lonesome Dove.

Well, I guess the Lonesome Dove sign might be historic, but the Tony's Place sign is not.

Well, what ya gonna do.

I did not see a price tag on it, and was too irked to ask. Anyone feeling charitable, head on over to Black Dog - haggle a deal, and return the sign to Mrs. Tony, who was still driving by the old Lonesome Dove every Sunday on her way home - never stopping, just slowing down and looking.

Show a little respect.. unlike our lovely Art Museum folks. Selling everything to Black Dog, without reason.

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Anonymous said...

Considering the amount of payment that was extorted by the owner of that dump, maybe he should've made sure she got it.