Coming in the next week

  • The long promised site update.
  • A new podcast or two.
  • Some other stuff I have yet to determine.
  • An interview with a very angry Chef K.
I've got some time off from work for some very painful matters, physically painful anyway - mentally, not so much.

I plan on getting some real work done this week, along with organizing and packing up here at Forgotten-HQ. I might come across a few things that you might find interesting. And as always, the rumor mill is buzzing with happenings.

Unfortunately, there is little I can do about the heat, so we will just have to bear it out till next week, when a little birdy told me it will cool down a bit.

I hate summer.. the first few weeks are ok, but after that - its over for me. Im thinking Halloween, Thanksgiving.. and yes - even Christmas allready.

Heat, Humidity.. blech.. Im going for a drive in my all new Studabaker Lark Convertable.. Im sure I will be sweating anyway.

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