Conversate | Victory Stadium, 2 high school "stadiums", and a big dent in the wall from my head.

Conversate | Victory Stadium, 2 high school "stadiums", and a big dent in the wall from my head.

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I chose now to unleash it because this whole Victory Stadium issue is even more fractioned and dysfunctional than it was yesterday. There is no discussion on what the public would like to do, no general consensus on what the next step should be. Some of us were blindsided by the sudden support for the 2 stadium program. Others were expecting such last minute dramatics. But what seems lost in the whole story is the fact that even the 2 stadium idea is not set in stone.

No, beyond the next few weeks of planners and consultants and site plans and re-zoning battles, you still have city council elections coming.
Elections which could overturn the entire program for Victory AND the 2 stadiums.

Someone on the Roanoke Times messageboard for the Victory/School Stadium issue mentioned that "Every high school in America has a stadium for football." Aside from this being the first Im hearing of this, considering I went to high school in America, I highly doubt it. As a matter of fact, I could pull photos of many high schools where they have the space to build a full fledged stadium, but have normal bleachers and scoreboard.

Why does high school football need to be High Tech? Why do we need video-screens? What purpose does it serve? This is high school we are talking about. And yet on the other hand we lament and complain about how kids are not allowed to grow up properly these days. But we are the ones pushing pro-level situations on high school kids.

Any question why the youth sports programs now have to include testing for steroids?

Let the kids play sandlot football, ironman football - where you play both offense and defense. Your 10 year old does not need to learn special teams plays, they will get that later on. The high school kids do not need video screens, nor do they need 4000 seat stadiums. It is more than they need to handle, serves no purpose to better themselves or the game. Its all for the parents to brag about.

And there it is. Thats where all this stadium nonsense comes back to, the parents.

And there is a direct correlation between the parents attitudes today, and the City Council.

Let me hear your thoughts on it.

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