One last post

A good deal of the news coming out now is rehashed and speculative. Sure I have information on the meatball who did this, but it's nothing that has not streamed around the internet a million times already.

Speculative myspace pages, livejournal (people still use that??) pages, theories and more crap than you can poke with a stick.

But I want to give special thanks to one person who has kept a clear line with all this going on, Rob - of Rob's Window.

I had the chance to meet Rob at the WDBJ/Roanoke Biz2Biz blogging conference - and he is a good guy. Nice to see someone rise above the hype and drama and just keep it simple and to the point.

Oh, and Rob - I was that guy you saw. You just happened to have bad timing as I was getting off my shift. Stop by some evening for a cup o joe and say hi.

I will say this much about the whole shooting thing.

After the blackout in 02, 9/11, tornadoes where they should not be, and so much more - I learned one thing. It doesn't matter where you are, it can happen.

Life is funny that way. You just have to learn from every experience, and move on.

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Rob said...

Thanks for the nice words. I'm still numbed by this situation. It still seems surreal somehow.

I do enjoy reading your blog.