The first thing to realize, in all this calling for security and laws and accountability - is there is no way to stop this.

You will never stop something like this. And you will never understand the root causes.

At best, all you can do is stay ever vigilant and hopeful.

This can happen in any school, anywhere, at any time. Sometimes, if you are really unlucky, lightening can strike twice. But that is also when you realize how lucky you truly are.

"It's just a farm school... community college... elementary school... It's Princeton.."

Does not matter. It can happen.

But what made this time so different was the use of "teh internetz" to communicate during and after-wards. Apparently Mr. Cho-nutz even harassed a woman using Facebook.com. It will be interesting to see when that shows up on the radar fully.

He was most likely severely dissociated from the world that surrounded him. Uncomfortable in his own skin. Over time, this developed itself into an entirely new persona - one public, one private.

So far, I am leaning towards the "Call me Ishmael" angle.

But thats neither here nor there. The United States, Virginia, and people in general received 2 wake-up calls on Monday.

The first was: It can happen anywhere, at any time. Regardless of how small and safe you like to think you are.

But the second, and more important lesson: People want to communicate, the networks (facebook, myspace, ...) would not exist if they did not. The people were just as informed as the news networks.

The Roanoke Times has succeeded in its coverage by emulating the style of blogs.

But I digress..

Remember that "whole new world" everyone talked about after 9/11?

Welcome to it.

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