And this is how it begins...

Back room dealings and shaded motions.

I clearly remember just months ago hearing that Station 1 (the historic one) was NOT going to close..

And of course, this act defies ALL logic considering the concentration of businesses (in high buildings) that are downtown. You have now removed the main ladder truck from the immediate area.

Yea, sure it's not that far out.. but hey - it's not where it was.

Anyway.. once again - this relates directly to that NewRoanoke post on class. Where it would be classy for the City Council to stand up and be honest, tell the FF's exactly what they were planning on doing - and the rest of the free world.

But no.. sadly you need to read it here.

Station #1, the longest-active fire house in Virginia, will eventually be sold. It's part of the City's effort to divest itself of properties, a kick certain contract employees seem to be on as of late.

Anyway - everyone check out RoanokeFire.com as I am sure there will be much to say about these things.

I've got a very long day today - so I make no promises.


Ms. Elenaeous said...

Do you buy into the whole "the station's closing came as a surprise to council members"? How could a city council not know such a thing???

lawson koeppel said...

"Burcham did not return a phone call Wednesday." Hmm.