New Roanoke 5 - Part 2

Somewhere in this 42 square mile city, someone sits.. gnashing teeth and grumbling about the City council, the "piss-poor" jobs in Roanoke, the general misery of being here - now.

That someone sits in an apartment, or a house left to them by a long dead relative. The lawn has not been mowed in months or years, the apartment not cleaned in ages.

Why bother? No one else cares. Not my problem, let the landlord deal with it.

And they leave to go to work - with the same miserable attitude, apathetic outlook, and free from responsibility - they amble through the work day, putting in a half-assed effort. Not stressing about work except to find a way to get out of it.

Where is the drive? The motivation? Is it any wonder why we are represented by who we are represented by? I'd be willing to peg it at 65% of Roanokers have absolutely no interest in anything the city does, with the exception of grumbling about it.

Wonder why a substantial majority of our City Council members come from certain sections of the city? Because they are the only ones who bother organizing.

If Roanoke were a nation, it would out-do France in "We Surrender" jokes..

For lack of a better concept - it's as if the city and it's citizens were neutered.

Well, somewhat anyway. More than happy to play Brutus, or even Bluto..

I know you cannot change society, but you can ask them a simple question..

Why the complete and utter lack of drive?

Where is the cities cohones?

Ambition? Anyone?

This is the only New Roanoke post that does not offer solutions, because that's not why I wrote this one. This is something to take back and think about, think about the kids who are born and raised to people like this, think about the loss of the "brains" of Roanoke and realize perhaps that this is why.

Is it a liability to have a sense of determination and drive in Roanoke?

Answer that.. thats the challenge of New Roanoke.

Sometimes the answers are fine, it's the questions that are ugly.

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