I know this might seem a touch long

But read this, if you please.

Just something to think about 5 years out...

You know I will have more to say about it as we approach the day itself, and do not forget that we will be at the memorial service downtown on 9/10.

And to the media:
You can show all the video you want, play 911 calls that have been released, drag up folks who were there when the attacks happened and rake them over the coals for ratings. But you will never come close to those few moments stored eternally in my head - the ones that bring home 9/11 for each of us. You didn't have to be there, or even know the area - It was that feeling of sitting watching the news, total disbelief and gut-churning horror.

5 years later it still lingers. Some of us wait for the other shoe to drop, others have moved on as best they could. But each and every day, there is something - always something that reminds us all. Weather or not we pick up on it is another matter.

But thats all for another post, this is just to show that life continues on.

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