Some things

First off - Chef K asks me to please point you all in the general direction of his new blog (which is not the one that I started, gave over, then somehow took back) which can be found here: chefkroa.blogspot.com

Something must be bothering him... he seems a bit.. touchy lately.

As for me, I've been busy attempting to find the damn microphone so I can pod again for you, the lucky listeners.

Something tells me one of my evil henchmen hid it on me.

Please bear with us, I promise that by next week we will be back to somewhat normal here.

Of course Forgotten-Roanoke will be out in force this Sunday evening, attending the Regional 9/11 memorial. If the weather co-operates well enough, It might even be the first time in months the Forgotten-Roanoke jacket will be worn out.

And a quick word to city leaders; You have every right to ask for removal of garbage cans from the street in a timely manner, and fine those who do not follow guidelines. That being said - imagine if the cans never wound up there in the first place? Perhaps it's just me - but I would be coming down hard like a biblical rain on the bosses over in the Dept of Sanitation who allow the workers to shove, toss, or outright dump the cans in the street. That is the extreme polar opposite of professional, courtious behavior, and quite frankly - a bad reflection upon the city as a whole.

You allow for citizen complaints of Weeds/Trash violations, but how does one go about changing a system?

Oh right.. thats why Im here..

Remember folks - let's make the Star City shine, again.

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