A New Hope (sorry Mr. Lucas...)

100 years ago, crossing Jefferson and Campbell was downright difficult - between the traffic, the muddy streets, and the neverending stream of people hustling about the city - the crossroads of Roanoke was a very hard place to cross.

Shops, stores, merchants, and hotels lined nearly every street in the downtown core. Life was a bustle into the wee hours of the evening, and you'd be hard pressed to find any time you'd not hear some sign of life somewhere.

But that was 100 years ago. Downtown Roanoke today is quiet, for the most part. One block off of Jefferson and Campbell and most days you can hardly find a soul. The city market is still doing strong business - but even that is calm and quiet.

Roanoke has gone from the powerhouse and machinery driving the economy of southwest Virginia to the headquarters for various offices and companies.

Clean, quiet headquarters.

Sure, it can still be tough to cross at Campbell and Jefferson, but usually only when Valley Metro is doing it's departures. And at night, it's nearly noiseless downtown.


It is time.

In the coming weeks and months, you will be seeing a new Roanoke-Found blog, dedicated to a single thought - single concept;

Make the Star City shine, Again.

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