14 dirty words (or 1 word 14 times)

thats the offensive number of times the offensive word FUCK was used by FDNY and the NYPD during the REAL TIME events of 9/11.

Those who have a problem with seeing people in the face of extreme situations using harsh language like that have obviously nothing better to do than sit and bemoan the fact they had to hear something they did not want to hear.

Pardon me, I did not ask to SEE the attacks on 9/11. I did not ask to hear the dead silence of an entire city save only for the sounds of the sirens.

It offended me deeply that someone else decided that I must live through these events, by causing these events.

But the truth of the matter is - when faced with the vast destruction and endless roll of names - there really is only one word.


So to the American Family Association, and those quasi-religious nutballs who I hear talking about the coarse language and images from 9/11 - and how they don't feel the need to be exposed to such things.. Well - not like they are going to be reading my blog anyway..

Fuck off.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks...Couldn't have said it better myself.