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the final post on 9/11

(there was an image here, but Tripod decided it was being seen to much. Full shot of lower manhattan, towers burning. firetruck on brooklyn bridge heading towards the towers.)

That small truck on the bridge there. Thats Ladder 118, rushing towards the Twin Towers on 9/11. This is the last photo of Ladder 118 in action.

Not one FireFighter on 118 made it home. All hands down. Joseph Agnello, Vernon Cherry, Scott Davidson, Robert Regan, Leon Smith Jr. and Peter Vega.

6 mortal men, determined to do what they can.

If you remember one thing, one single thing about 9/11 - let it be this. Those mortal men, heading for the mouth of hell, and ascending as angels.

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Anonymous said...

Your writing about these brave men and women is what keeps their memories alive. Although lots of people talk about it, too many people truly have forgotten 9/11.