A fireman screams in pain.

They are just civil servants right? They have to work just the same as everyone else right? Thats what the general feeling around Roanoke seems to be. Sure, you know they have to fight fires, but who are they to be more important than anyone else?

Well, imagine this was the Wachovia Tower:

This is the second World Trade Center building in Manhattan just seconds before it fell

On fire, after an attack. People, by the dozens, breaking windows and throwing themselves out to escape the flames. Everyone heading for the emergency exits. 21 floors tall, parking capability of over 700 - probably talking about over 600 employees in the tower.

Now imagine the ground floors look something like this: One of the World Trade Center Buildings burn

Everyone's trying to get out, except this guy.
Cops, Firefighers, EMS... they were all in those two buildings, just as they would be here.

343 FDNY Firefighters
23 NYPD Officers
37 Port Authority PD Officers

Maybe it's time we showed our appreciation for the work the Roanoke Fire/EMS and Police Departments do for us?

They might not be perfect, but damned if you'll find one single department anywhere that is.

They need our support, they need higher pay for the dangerous work they do, and they need better support from City Hall, and much less politics so they can do the job they are supposed to do.

Maybe it's time to start asking where DO our tax dollars go, if not to retain Roanoke's Bravest and Roanoke's Finest?

Tonight, 7pm at the City Market building.
Come show your support for those who keep us alive.

Show them your grateful.

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Anonymous said...

As a firefighter's wife, I thank you.