Sometimes I love my inbox..

Aside from the helpful suggestions for the Victory Stadium bricks.. I also got this, direct from the city government..

ROANOKE, VA - As of Thursday, July 13, at 8 p.m., the City of Roanoke
given away all Victory Stadium bricks purchased from the
for distribution to citizens.  No additional
bricks will be
available for distribution.

As requested by City Council, a number of
bricks have been set aside
from those purchased to be used in the
construction of a memorial to
Victory Stadium.  All remaining bricks on the
site belong to the

Allright.. What the hell.. the city PAID for bricks from it's own building? Maybe we should have just let it fall down on its own, then the bricks would have been free.

I call for a full investigation into this "Water(logged)Brick-Gate"... no, seriously. PAYING for your own bricks from a building you PAID someone to demolish.

Oh, as if this weather wasn't headache inducing....

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