Hello America!

I just wanted to take a moment here and say Hello! to all you fine folk coming over from Wikipedia (see entry: Roanoke, VA). Just one question for you all, whats with all the sudden interest in Roanoke?

I have months logged where I recieved nary a single hit from the Wikipedia entry, and suddenly - I am now getting steady traffic over from there. Why is Roanoke so suddenly popular?

Anyway, a small task for you folks - find me. I'm in the newspaper (again!), but this time not for Forgotten-Roanoke.com. So go hunting through the paper and let me know if you can find me.

No prize, this time. Maybe next time.


Sean said...

Perhaps it has to do with Oops getting some national news airtime.

Mark said...

The quality of the Roanoke Wikipedia entry is pretty high; great work by whoever did it. I tried to figure out who the writer was but it seemed like the contributor interface was screwed up today. Did you write or contribute, RoanokeFound?

FireFleitz said...

I know a couple of people who have contributed. Although they cannot take credit for the beginning layout. I would imagine some of the traffic is probably from the Oops story.

FireFleitz said...

"The fragile first year of a restaurant is the one in which you find out that while your friends really liked the idea, your friends are not the paying public," said Keith Clinton, a businessman and chef in Roanoke.


RoanokeFound said...

This actually has been going on longer than the Oops thing - I just didn't mention it before.

I did not write or contribute other than adding the link a year or longer ago.

Good catch Rhett, but no prize this time.