Incase you were wondering..

This is Roanoke
It's a beautiful city, full of possibilities and promise. Regardless of how much some folks will rail against it, it's a visually stunning city.

Thanks to Bluelightingguy at YouTube for making the best marketing video this city could ask for. (thats right, I had nothing to do with this - for a change)


Serena Joy said...

Hello from a fellow Roanoker. What a great blog!

Mason said...

This is downtown Roanoke.
That's a pretty good film. As far as constructive criticism goes, I would have liked to have seen some different parts of the city and some people as well.
But it's really good for what it is.

RoanokeFound said...

Yes, it is actually downtown Roanoke - but I like the way its shot along with the hypnotic soundtrack.

Again, I had nothing to do with it. It is the property of an individual who works for the MMT, or worked. It would appear from their myspace blog they are leaving soon.

Hopefully more people will post some Roanoke video in the future - if I get the available funds, I'll look into doing this myself.