Perhaps someone could explain this to me

I'm finding a good number of homes with central air, and oil heat.

If your home allready uses electricity in the summer to cool it, why would you pay to heat it with oil? Especially considering you are allready using electric power to run the fuel pump to the boiler.

Just a question, as the Forgotten-Roanoke.com street team makes ready to invade downtown Roanoke. Be down there by 1pm.. see you around.

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Andrwe said...

A heat pump can only heat so much -- if the temperature dips below something like 30 degrees you need to supplement it. Using electricity to do that is standard (heat pumps usually come with heaters), but it's darned expensive.

If your home already had an existing oil-heat system, though, that's a more economical way to heat your home on the really cold days -- at least it was. Don't know if it still holds true.

Andrew "I've got gas, so what do I know?" Kantor