I know you havent heard from me in a while

And theres good reason, I assure you. But way before I get back to normal mode, I want to share something with you I never knew about..

I was digging through the Mill Mountain Theatre's website (millmountain.org), just poking around - looking at the schedule and such.

A link attracted my eye - Free CenterPieces.. and I was thinking "Well, maybe they give away unused props, or even floral arrangements from time to time." Being the cheap kinda guy I am, I had to click.

"Every month, on a Wednesday, Mill Mountain Theatre presents a 45 minute one-act play on the Trinkle Main Stage.
CenterPieces are always FREE,
and they begin at 12:15, so you have time to bring your lunch, bring a
friend, and we will have you back at the office by one o'clock. "

Well now how damn cool is that?

Plus, its a nice break from the "long block" programming they run. I mean, sure - I'm no Beauty and the Beast hater, but its not high on my list of things to see. So to run it for nearly a month straight.. well.

Maybe 2 different plays a month. Or even one main one, and one only done on weekends for one showing. I don't know - Im not the guy with all the theatre answers.. I'd just like a little more variety..

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