What am I thinking?

Some of you wonder why I bother taking photos of a granite ediface downtown, which clearly has no historic value - or railing against the building of yet another "downtown condo loft" thing..

Well, for once - Im going to let someone else do the explaining.

"Burly men with anchor tattoos worked here once,
moving things from one place to another. They ate their lunch from
buckets, hit the bars on Washington Avenue for a beer and a shot after
work, then took the clattering trolley cars home. Soon soft-handed
number wizards will sleep among the pillars.

views of downtown will be nice, but given the number of empty lots
around, it’s likely someone will build structures around it." Read more, at Lileks.com (today only, tomorrow this link will go to a different story)

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Anonymous said...

I loved Lileks historic eye and talents as a web creator, but he lets a bitter side loose from time to time towards his fellow humans, whom he seems to consider beneath him and a bother. His site has evolved into too much of a political cheering section for George Bush and the Republicans for me to enjoy anymore.