What could that stand for?

Or am I the only one who thinks it could have more than one meaning?

And, pray tell, where is the new logo?

Just something to amuse myself with...


here it is!

wow - beige. and grey.



Anonymous said...

I love it!


Chris Berry said...

I guess they spent all their money on the building and couldn't afford a decent logo.

Karen said...

"The new logo acknowledges our region and history..."

Seriously? How? Is this one of those magic eye things I can't see?

They are awfully late in the process to be branding. This should have been done months ago.

And does anyone see the Taubman Museum of Art name as another mareketing snafu?

Chris Berry said...

Karen: You're right about this being a little late in the game. They should have been working on branding throughout the entire construction process. I don't have a problem with naming the museum after a primary benefactor. Without the Taubman's contribution, there would be no museum. The Gugenheim gets along just fine named after it's benefactor. It just seems to me than an art museum ought to be able to come up with something a little more artful.

t. bob ross said...

really, no donation = no museum? they donated after construction began... think about it...