Oddly enough

I've been getting a good number of requests lately for more of the Haunted Roanoke (tm) stuff.

Well, I'll be indulging those requests in the next few days, especially considering the recent documents that have crossed my path.

OH - the answer to yesterday's "secret": 4011116

Get out those secret decoder rings, kids. Little Orphan Annie needs your help!

So keep your ears open, there will be more to the story!


Anonymous said...

My decoder ring says that 4011116 = 631 Campbell Ave SE, Drink more Ovaltine?

Anonymous said...

Well, did I get it right? The GIS says it is a H. L. Lawson wharehouse. What's up with it?

Anonymous said...

Still no reply?

RoanokeFound said...

Lawson is the correct answer.

sorry for the delay.

Condo's in Southeast.. go figure.

You win one brass filigree with bronze oak leaf.


Anonymous said...