delayed update (final update)

sorry folks, but we are dealing with a minor issue here at HQ

Lack of AC

At some point today, it seems (this is a laymans guess) that the transformer gave out for our AC, leaving us hovering around 85 degrees all day...

always the best days to happen.

So, as we await our savior (who has been getting slammed by service calls all day), we sit pretending that fans actually do something.

Anyone got a block of ice that will sleep 3?

Hopefully we will be back up and running in a few hours.

So, hot enough for ya?


We get closer to having AC again, and this whole trip puts me in mind of the Blackout of 2003. It was a hot August day in NYC, and things were progressing as they normally do. I happened to be off that day, and was spending a little RnR time at the future wife's place. She had gone to the store, so it was me and the dog in the air conditioned kitchen, watching TV.

The TV went off.

Came back on, and went off again.

I checked all the breakers, and everything seemed fine - so maybe a powerline in the area was down or something.

I turned on the radio.


I switched over to AM, and found news. At this time I looked at my cellphone. It had no signal.

Then word started to trickle in on the news about the power outage.

The future wife came home, reporting streets of confusion and near-chaos.

We decided to fire up the grill for dinner, and spent the night on the front lawn - radio keeping us informed as best they could.

There's that moment of *gasp* when you realize that for 200+ miles, there is no power.

This is not at all like that. But because of the heat and humidity, it feels like it should be.

Maybe the heat has muddled my brain.

**update 2***

24 hours after the initial call, we once again have air. After being told by multiple companies that "they could fit us in next week," Service Experts came and had us up and running in minutes.

Thanks to all you folks at Service Experts who made this happen.

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Jeff St Real said...

Ughh! Horrible time for that to happen. Hope it gets resolved soon!