Propaganda, or does he have a point?

It seems that the Roanoke Citizen's Brigade is finally moving into the public light.

They have a blog now.

(the title and address are NSF tiny brains)

They have put a post up about some church having it's services in a city school. Sure - the post is crabby and cantankerous, but the question is - do they have a point?

Should city schools be allowing religious groups to hold services within them, even if it is not during school hours?

Interesting question, and I am curious to see more posts from them.


Chris Berry said...

Is there a real Citizens Brigade out there, or just a guy hiding behind a name, sort of like Citizens for Sensible Decisions? I am much more inclined to take someone seriously when they are not hiding behind a curtain.

RoanokeFound said...

It does amaze me that people still need a name to go with an idea.

Life would have been tough back in the old days - when newspapers ran anon articles with some regularity - and those articles are the only reason that society changed.

Anyone can give a random name, regardless of how accurate it might be.

Right Wishneff?

Plenty of ideas we take for granted now, and the impact that we live each day, began under anon conditions.

Plus, who is to say that there is a group of people who call themselves that, but they are not organized or anything else - but who care?

If it were not for some loose lipped people, you would have no idea who I am.

does that make my opinions any less valid?

something I have wondered for a while...

Valerie said...

A "preview" service indicates it is a one time event. Though I am an advocate for separation of church and state I would not make an issue out of this seemingly one time event.

Correct me if it is more than a one time "preview".

I concur with Chris. I'll watch to see if this blogger(s) reveals more about himself/herself and how the blog evolves. One post does not a blogger make. I dare say none of us came on the blogging scene with a reputation ... ahhh, maybe except Roanoke-Found :)