Thank heavens for PPS. And a leak.

Who knows who the leak was, but thank them if you do know.

A new plan for the City Market that actually works!

Mind you, I like this as both a citizen and shopper of the market, and as a future business owner. Should the report vanish, I have a copy and will be re-hosting it, but honestly, it's brilliant.

Almost seems to be inspired by the Chelsea Market in Manhattan, which is where the Food Network is now based.

Right down to the use of the center court area for vendors, I like this plan. This opens up the Market to more people - more uses - more options for products.

Yep - works for me. Your thoughts?

Oh - and notice the 3rd floor is a rental space/theater once again?

Damn skippy.


Roanoke RnR said...

I think it sounds great. Has a lot of what I'm looking for so it would appeal to locals as well as tourists. Maybe they would even keep it open on Sundays!

Jeff St Real said...

Wow, that really is nice! I was also excited to see the words "Brew Pub" on the plan.

Roanoke RnR said...

Jeff, I got excited at bakery!