Breaking news from Downtown **updated**

Whist out and about this afternoon, I noticed Elmwood Park without it's "Festival in the Park" items, but with a decidedly LARGE area of snow fence. You know, that orange plastic fence put up normally to designate a construction area? It's called snow fence.

Anyway, this vast area of snow fence is located at the corner of Elm and Williamson, just inside the park. And something is missing!

The curse is gone!

Stay tuned for further information....


From the City GIS Permit Center: "Remove the monument in the South east location of Elmwood park corner of Elm and Williamson and clean and repair the monument. Install a new slab and foundation to support the new look of the Mayor's Monument with electrical light and water line for planter irrigation."

New look? The plotz thickens.


Anonymous said...

Breaking news from 2006!

Museice said...

I saw the 'fencing' yesterday and wondered what it was for. Thanks for the post. I must have missed the meeting in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Oh good. Now the homeless people (aka Bums) will have a new place to sleep and urinate on.