Your weekend Wow

Last weekend it was the Friday Night Dance Party, this weekend - I give you what can only be described as the... well, I'm not even sure how to describe it.

In reference to the vote to extend drinking hours on city property for events and such - 3 council members voted for, 4 against. (Mind you, it would enable you to buy alcohol til' midnight at city events.. oooh.)

(from the article)The four members who formed the prevailing majority included the two ministers on the council, Mayor Nelson Harris and Sherman Lea, as well as Alfred Dowe, who talks about his religious convictions often, and Gwen Mason.

Alright, so we can all guess why Harris and Lea voted as they did. Fine, stick to your guns guys - that'll work. Alfred Dowe? Meh - does it really matter his reason? The Carlton Banks of the City Council attempts to stay relevant.

Kind of white.

But no, the real stunner in all this "mommy dearest" voting is Mommy herself: Gwen Mason.

I'm going to leave you with Mommy's quote on this whole matter. No comment from me.

Mason said she voted against the request because she believes 10 p.m. is late enough for drinks to be served at such events at city facilities.

"If you haven't finished drinking by 10 p.m., you don't need to do any more of it ... probably time to go home," she wrote this week. "From a public safety standpoint, it was the more prudent choice."

Enjoy the weekend.


Jeff St Real said...

I thought this was an interesting vote, also. I'm quite certain Dr. Trinkle's response(quoted in the same article, but I don't have in front of me) was directed at Gwen Mason and Alfred Dowe. He intimated that council didn't fully understand what they were voting for, but I think the real truth is that he was cold-cocked by it.

By the way, I see you added a link to the Realist. I appreciate your support! I'm having some fun with this, and will be "announcing" the blog in my next South Roanoke Circle article.

FireFleitz said...

They aren't going to stop drinking. Rather, many of them will leave the event if it goes past 10 pm to visit the local bars to continue drinking. I am not sure of the goal of the whole ideal, but if it was to get more people to the events or keep them there longer, I think it would have helped.

From a public safety standpoint, whic I think i have a basis to have an opinion, I will say this. You aren't going to keep people from drinking. People will go to where they can drink. We will do our job when they screw up...if they screw up.