Some interesting numbers

On the topic of the City Market area, and such - the idea of mobile vendors has been brought up a few times. Some numbers for New York City's vendor program, and what it brings in - plus the article that the numbers are derived from:

In City Parks

$5.1 million: Money raised for the city's general fund from food vending licenses in the parks.

$300,000: Cost of bid to operate a hot dog vending cart in Central Park near the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

$600: Minimum bid for a food cart in city parks.

$500: Minimum bid for a food cart 10 years ago.

$2: Parks Department-regulated cost of a hot dog.

$2: Parks Department-regulated cost of a pretzel.

$1.25: Parks Department-regulated cost of a 12-ounce soda.

50 cents: Regulated cost of a bag of potato chips.

Outside City Parks

3,000: Number of annual street vending permits for food issued by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

1,000: Number of summer permits available.

$200: Permit cost for processing food cart.

$74: Cost to license non-cooking food cart.

$50: Cost for food vending operator's license for two years

$1: Average cost of a hot dog outside city parks.

50 cents: Cost of hot dog plus bun and all the fixings to many vendors.

The article can be found here: Hot Dog Stands are Multimillion Dollar Business (via WCBSTV.com CBS2NY)


Jeff St Real said...

Interesting stats. A few years ago, I was laid off with a big severence and I toyed with the idea of setting up an Italian sausage cart in downtown Roanoke. Then I was offered another dull office job and I abandoned that little dream.

I've been enjoying your blog and just put up a link to it on mine. I've just been out there a few weeks, so I'm a rank amateur. Feel free to check it out. jeffstreet dot com

Meredith said...

ah wonderful, I'd love to do the same type of thing. Mobile vending seems to be the way to go-- minimal overhead & no staff to manage. Any word on progress in this area?