The last thing you'd expect

http://www.artistdirect.com/Images/Sources/AMGCOVERS/music/cover200/dre000/e042/e04278bbnow.jpg I figure with the diverse readership this blog gets, I'd put this out there. Earth: Final Conflict was a sci-fi show created by Roddenberry himself. It aired from 1997 to 2002, over 5 seasons the storyline waxed and waned between poetic and convoluted. But it was still a good show.

Since it ended, Sci-Fi Channel had it for a short time in reruns, but at 5am it was the last thing I thought of watching. Only the final 3 seasons have been released on DVD, the first 2 (and arguably the best) are held in limbo by Universal.

least I think so. Searching for information is downright impossible as it seems the E:FC fan base vanished shortly afterwards. There is a chance that Universal might be releasing the first seasons in the US, but without anyone actively searching for them - we might never know about it.

If anyone out there might scrape up any information on this, I'd be very interested to know.

k thnx bye

(oh, and Forgotten-Roanoke.com now has hosting, which means over the next week or two you can expect updates and reformulated pages. I'll let you know when.)


chris said...

Hi. Happy to have found your blog. I'm not in Roanoke, but I'm thinking about moving there...possibly this year. Found your site while researching the area.

I've never watched E:FC, but I'd be interested in seeing it on DVD. My wife and I are devoted SG-1 and BSG watchers.

RoanokeFound said...

Roanoke is a very interesting place, like nothing you have ever seen.

It's both beautiful and perfect and frustrating and backwards all at once.

But it's nothing but opportunity as far as I can see it.

The weakest of the E:FC seasons are available on DVD - seasons 3, 4, and 5. Worth a look just to get an idea of what its about - but not a good idea.

Hope you choose Roanoke in the end - we have a lot to offer, and we could always use some good sci-fi fans. We need more creative types around here.