March is coming

And with March comes the (hopeful) return of spring, a return to the yardwork, more time spent outdoors..


Naomh Padraig Day!

Oh sorry.. St. Patrick's Day!

When we go around with clubs and chase snakes.. no, wait.. we go around TO clubs and chase Snakebites.

Well, regardless.. I've been trolling through the Celtic collection over at CDBaby.com attempting to find some of the more obscure new Celtic Rock bands, when I should come across a listing for one TRASNA.

TRASNA bills themselves as "Blue Ridge Celtic Fusion - traditional music for the 22nd century." Personally, I had never heard of them, so I chose a song or two to give a spin.

My first thought.. wait a minute.. these folks are from 'round here?'

Why yes they are...

This is exactly what I needed.. Hope they play here soon.. And I, for one, would not mind learning Gaelic.. for the 2nd time. (failed attempt many years ago, long story.. not worth it.. don't ask.)

Give a listen to the samples, poke around on the actual website and enjoy. Think of the spring and the parade to come.

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