Your weekend Wow.. maybe

Here's a thought. Scrap the Inn idea. http://www.phy.ilstu.edu/~wenning/McMillin/e_mcmillin_observatory.jpg

Partner with Virginia Tech, UVa and whomever else wants to - The Mill Mountain Observatory. To be built a good distance behind the star, with a museum element and other displays and such.

Besides - the Mill Mountain Observatory sounds so classy.


Ms. Elenaeous said...

Although I personally would love to see something like an observatory, I don't think it could work, too many lights nearby. I'm open to the Inn idea as well, and curious to see if it actually goes beyond talk, and how that develops.

ATL said...

I agree, the observatory sounds good on paper but I think logistics (mostly light pollution) would make it well...silly.

Also Mr.K, u gotta remember to change the Lotzothoughtz link info, new site is www.lotzothoughtz.wordpress.com