This just in....


I'm just back from the Career Lifestyle Expo at the Civic Center, and boy are my arms tired!

Sorry.. never mind

It was quite interesting, I will say that much. Well attended, although the crowds average age skewed higher than I thought it would, but que sera sera... Ukrops got out to an early lead on hiring pre-opening. Smart move for them, as it will be much easier to set a base and fill in the cracks in the busy time leading up to opening.

The City, County, and Carilion were all well represented, as was the banking industry. Points off for Orvis and Enterprise Rent-A-Car for having unmanned booths, but the atmosphere more than made up for the dead spaces. For quite a good number, this was not only an opportunity to meet and greet with local businesses, this was a good chance to get to know other people of like minds.. people in the industry. Network, if you will.

Hats off to Stuart Mease for putting this whole shin-dig together. Seems like Stuart and I will be working together in the future to shine a spotlight on Roanoke blogs - it seems anyway. So consider this a Call to Blog!

If you have had the thought.. "gee, I could do this. This guys an idiot, even a monkey could write like he does..." or anything similar - I invite you to do it. Start a blog, blogger is free you know. Or start one and give it to a monkey.. if you feel so inclined.

If you already have a blog, but don't use it nearly as often as you know you should - do it.

And if you are a former charter member of the SCBA, rethink the past - and think about the future. Maybe an affiliation is not such a bad thing after all.

There you have it. Well attended, enjoyed by many, and perhaps worth repeating in a few months. Spring break, summer vacations, blah blah.. Maybe quarterly is the way to go on this.

Well, it was worth it. Too bad you weren't there. If you were, drop a line and let me know what you thought.


ATL said...

Indeed........sadly working my butt off got in the way. That being said, do not forget the SW VA Blog Search, the most comprehensive listing of SW VA blogs around.

stu said...

Can we get SW VA Blog Search and Roanoke Bloggers together for a RNR (Roanoke and New River Valley) Blogger Conference in 2007???... I think I have to perfect organization to run with it....Will meet with this person first of the year...