Things I will do in 2007

Just compiling a short (hopefully, mercifully) list of things I will do in 2007, for you all to share and revel in.

  • Record and post more podcasts. I would do one right now, but my basset is snoring like an unruly drain. The noises would be sure to turn you all off.
  • Rebuild and upgrade the website, including finding off-shore hosting which will give me more freedom to run it as I want it. It's been a heck of a year, and I constantly feel guilty that the site itself has been mostly ignored.
  • Make plans to bring together my local readers (if they so choose) and perhaps tour some of the sites featured in my ramblings.
  • Build stronger relationships with the upcoming leaders of the New Roanoke, a concept you will all be hearing more about in the coming year.
  • Cease the endless teasing of you, the reader, with snippets of projects - in other words, no posting of something until it's complete. Exception being a series of posts - then you'll just have to wait.
  • Push for more recognition for the Roanoke Bloggers, don't we deserve our own popularity contest in the Roanoker magazine? Course we all know Rhett would win - having all the Fire Fighters "vote early, and often" as is common to the job.
In a nutshell, thats how I plan on starting off 2007. In mid-06, I lost the ability to straight out live-cast using my cell phone. A tragedy I'm sure you all felt. Something to do with Google taking over Blogger, Odeo ending the service, and more such nonsense - but I will do my best to get the dirt straight to you - the public, when it happens and as it happens.

Consider me the 5th Estate - the last house on the left, if you will - A miasma of news, commentary, history, and the future - all rolled into one fuzzy bundle of love.

Oh yes, 2007 will be an entirely whole new ballgame - the revolution begins anew, and as some random keyfob on Amazon says: "Roanoke, Proud of our past, confident in our future."

Who could disagree with that? Well, if you do - it's time for you to leave town. Or buy one of those $149,900 "condos" they are building at Factory 324/Iroquois/Peerless Candy Co. building. Because your just the kind of sucker that would.

Automotive Commercial Historic District"

I defy ANYONE to explain that one to me. A former tobacco yard.. oh forget it. I'm not even going to bother.

See you all tomorrow, some of you at the Career and Lifestyle (Free!) Fair at the Civic Center between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. But you didn't hear me promote that, now did you?

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