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From a spam mail recently received:

Americans once expected parents to raise their children in accordance with the dominant cultural messages. No matter how much you can blame Davis for, you can't excuse those self-serving, special-interest-driven, pandering elected-but-not-selected politicians. Ballmer: Security Tops Microsoft's Priority ListBallmer said he wishes the security researchers "would be quiet as that would be better for the world. My problem is I have a lot of difficulty trusting what I hear from Microsoft in general and Ballmer in particular. Who knows, maybe keeping the "Do Not Call List" in place will even cut down on incidents of Postal Disease.

Those are the slugs that should have been recalled.

The World of Music will be reformed soon and you won't be in it anywhere. Then there was the disgusting folderol in the courts brought about by the ACLU.

It is not the Governor that got us here. I think most of today's shopping public has been denied the experience of shopping at a store that gave away lessons in respect and quality while at the same time selling its products.

Say what you might, but I think it speaks well of the man.

I'm just sick over this revelation.

I mean, I know how -bad- unsuitable Davis is.

Folks, the sun is has seems to be very probably did set is now setting on The Golden State.

Oh yeah; technology opens all sorts of vistas. We celebrate each others painful, horrific deaths by keeping tallies, running headlines, smiling in the streets. We about to spend millions of unavailable dollars for the recall, confuse everything and everyone, set expectations that cannot be realized and make no progress, real or imagined. Consultant with their Security Awareness Practice. She said, "It must have gone astray. Generally, the people would respond negatively and she would wander off, but occasionally someone would nod and there would be a quick exchange of money for something she carried in her bag. The full story is here.

He may discover the RIAA has figured out it can gain added profits from law suits.

They are plagued by dust which follows them in large, billowing clouds. she promised good service.

If your failure comes back to you, you can address it as another "event" and it can be handled without regard to the original, failed commitment. And what you believe should not be based upon who told you but rather your own independent validation of what you've been told. Changed the style sheet, too. Still, I do have to pay for the bandwidth on this site so, in spite of the downward trend here, I just might help with this one, too.

Changed the style sheet, too.

Humans cannot be contained, restrained, channeled, directed. Someday I want to go to, say, the market and see some product that says, right there on the box, "the same old stuff.

Maybe the shipping label was unreadable.

What a selfless and loving act. They've even picked up a lawsuit charging program vulnerabilities fly in the face of "suitability" and "marketability.

Covering up Spirit of Justice or not wanting to be photographed in front of her is just silly, incredibly immature.

On Wednesday it had not arrived.

I was stupid, indeed I was.

Yes, I was stupid - reading this to begin with - but yet it's somehow fascinating.

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