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This is a sneak peek at what's been going on behind the scenes here at Forgotten-Roanoke.com

Several times in my life I have started writing a story, only to lose interest midstream. Once or twice did I ever see it through to completion. This blog, and the website are the longest running active project I have ever taken part in.

But I have an idea thats been gnawing at me for over 2 years now. There's a play/screenplay roaming my head. Based here in Roanoke, the Roanoke of the recent past, and today. This is the first page.


A production from the minds of Forgotten-Roanoke.com

  • Scene 1. Setting: Campbell and Market, Saturday December 28th, 1985 7:45pm – still struggling to recover from the flood the previous month, downtown wears its stains with pride. Camera slowly pans the marketplace.

*Unseen male voice: “Nurse, why was I asked to leave the room, and whats going on in there?”

*Unseen female voice: “Sir, there were some serious complications with the delivery. Your wife lost a lot of blood. The child, pardon me – Your son, was trapped inside for a while.”

*man: “I.. I have a son? Is everything ok, is my wife alright?”

*nurse: “Yes, you have a son – and he seems to be alright. The doctor will be out in a little while to give you the full report.”

*man: “But... what about my wife, is she ok?”

*nurse: “The doctor will be able to answer that better than I can.”

*man: sharp exhalation

*Doctor: “Mr. Jahns, I'm sorry. Your wife did not survive the birth. Your son did. Although we need to run some tests. I can give you the full details in my office, or would you like to speak to the chaplain first?”

*man: “I want to know what happened.”

cut scene to vendor stalls down Market – man huddled on corner of Kirk and Market, sobbing quietly into his coat on the empty street. Flags rustle in the wind, as the man begins to walk to Williamson – stops to look up at the Star – aglow in white. For a moment, he hesitates, then begins his walk back to the hospital.


Thats the first page.

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FireFleitz said...

OK, you have my attention. Now you have to top the BST saga/storyline. Good luck.