Days off, days on, and days in between

Yeh - I got a day off today - so I've been working on a podcast for you all - and with any luck - I'll have it posted by tomorrow morning. I know its been a while.

Been a while for alot of things, but we are moving slowly back in that general direction.

Question, who did Bev Fitzpatrick piss off at the Times to garner this kind of "hard investigative reporting" from the newspaper with the unofficial motto of "offend no one"? And why Bev, when there are others in the Municipal Building with far far worse offenses?

Question, as noticed in the past few weeks with all these "Walks to cure ____" that have been happening around town, why is it you can walk to solve a problem - but not to the corner store for something? Maybe there would be more neighborhood grocers if you would.. just a thought. Not that I have any experience in micro-economy commernce. Nope.

Question, Paradox is now 202 Market, but not really. Paradox's main entrance is still on Campbell Ave. Is the 202 Market a ploy to "upscale" the place? And should we be worried about these secret new menus. Is Roanoke about to get priced out of the Market Area again?

Ok - enough questions. How about a little ol' "Behind the Scenes" moment here. I doubt very much any of you really paid attention when I talk about "secret projects" and such - but if you think back, I did mention one that would be up-coming this winter (with any luck). I will be releasing a sneak preview later today. It will be here, on the blog. Check back later this afternoon for more.

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